Vape Pen 22 Core Coils

$ 3.99

The Smok Vape Pen 22 replacement coils are the new coil system for the ever popular new vape pen from smoktech. Each replacement coil comes with four wicking ports so you can effortlessly and quickly wick and rip from your favorite new vape device. This vape pen utilizes 3mm NiCr material to heat your vape pen. See our drop down to see both versions of cores that we offer.

Compatible with:

Smok Vape Pen 22

Replacement Coils Featured Below

  • Both Versions come in a pack of 5

Vape Pen 22 Core (.3 ohm)

  • 0.3ohm dual core
  • High quality, smooth taste
  • 0.3mm NiCr Heating Material

Vape Pen 22 Core ( .25 ohm)

  • 0.25 ohm Dual Coils
  • Huge Cloud production technology
  • Wattage range of 30-50 watts.


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