Vape ORenda

$ 20.00


Prepare yourself for the taste of delicate pastries formed by the hand of a master, adorned with blueberry confit, paired with honey and rich cream.

Succumb to your senses as you experience the subtle tones of caramel and fine Turkish tobaccos that dance through the air, teasing and taunting your palate.


The beauty and mystery is defined in the name of this liquid. The flavor and experience will engage and stimulate your palate in ways that you think are not possible. You will ask yourself “Am I eating, or vaping”. Allow your eyes to scream in anticipation of its release.



vanilla custard filled glazed donut flavor


Triple Beam

a watermelon candy that is guaranteed to produce great joy whilst ranching!

Watermelon, Green Apple, & Strawberry Candy

Available in 30ml glass bottles

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