Pod Juice Nicotine Salt E-Liquid 30ML

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Pod Juice Nicotine Salt E-Liquid 30ML


Flavor Options

Combination of tangy pineapple, sweet guava, and zesty orange creates a stunning balance of tropical fruity flavors that will make you drool with joy when you vape this nicotine salt.
Savage Patch
This sour-to-sweet candy will fill your taste buds with joy and will fulfill all those sweet tooth cravings. 
Blue Raspberry
The mouthwatering candy flavor of sour and sugary blue raspberry can be yours anytime when you vape Blue Raspberry salt nicotine e-juice.
Strawberry Dream
Strawberry Dream from Pod Juice is an intense strawberry flavor that's ideal for vapers who loves clean fruity tastes. Every hit is like biting into an outstandingly juicy strawberry fresh from the vine.
Juicy Apple
Red Apple, Sweet Candy
Light fruity notes cereal flavor and a light milk to round it all off. This one will bring you back to your childhood. 
Melon Breeze
Biting into that sweet juicy melon is even more satisfying with a cool ocean breeze.
Jewel Mint
This menthol flavor nicotine salt tastes like clean, pure mint that's free of the chemical aftertaste that is common with so many minty flavors.
Mango Twist
The tang of that exotic fruit makes your palate quiver with joy. Then, the sweetness of the mango comes through, exciting the sweet tooth. On the exhale, glorious mango juice floods your mouth.
Strawberry Lemonade
Tartness of fresh lemon flavor wakes up your tongue before a blast of tangy strawberry kicks your palate. The sweetness of the strawberry intensifies before your mouth is drenched in stunning lemonade flavor on the exhale.
Watermelon Blast
A dynamic watermelon smoothie. This flavor includes subtle fruit flavoring tones to create a lasting delicious flavor without compromising on the watermelon theme.
Pink Burst
An exquisite flavor with sweet and tangy strawberry. The blend of fresh strawberries is guaranteed to make your taste buds feel ecstatic all-day long when vaping this salt nic liquid.
Your classic loop cereal soaked in milk. Loops is a recreation of your favorite childhood fruity cereal that fulfills all your sweet tooth cravings.

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