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Plus Pods 1ML Prefilled E-liquid Pods For Juul - Display of 5
Plus Pods specializes in producing compatible pods for the Juul Device. They provide the market with amazing alternative flavors for the Juul and deliver these flavors in higher quality, dependable pods that outperform other compatible pods.

Plus Pods have 1ml ejuice compared to Juul's .07ml pods, so you get an extra 1.2ml per pack - like one additional pod per pack!

Tropical, juicy, and smooth with a hint of sweetness. A unique, undeniably mango flavor.

Luxuriously bold and fruity. One of our more popular flavors, strawberry offers a delicious and full of bright, sweet strawberry flavor.

Blue Raspberry
Our newest premium flavor, bursting with a complex, tart and sweet flavor profile. Blue Raspberry.

A mouthwatering, sweet premium flavor. Our watermelon offers a crisp, and refreshing taste that you won't forget.

A perfect subtle balance between cool and tangy lemonade. This is one of our more exciting flavors, providing a burst of flavor with an exceptionally smooth, and delicious refreshing hit.

Available in 6% nicotine.
Available in 1ml pods.
Includes 4 pods per pack.

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