Naked100 NKD100 Disposable E-Cigarette, 50mg

$ 9.99

NKD100 Disposable E-Cigarette by Naked100 is the newest addition to the Naked100 group. A simplistic device that is able to be used by vapers of any level. From beginning to expert vapers, the NKD100 cuts out all the maintenance needed such as recharging, re-filling the tank, and coil upkeep. The NKD100 is more focused on simplicity with zero need for buttons, power levels, or pods. This device is especially useful for those looking to make the switch from smoking as well as those of you who are more experienced looking for an on-the-go product for a night out. It comes filled with Naked100 Nicotine Salt which are available in several different flavors and each device holds up to 300 puffs.

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