Captivape Creations

$ 25.99

Captivape Creations

Blueberry Cereal

the flavors of a crunchy light cereal tossed with fresh blueberry's doused in milk.

Mouthwatering goodness!


Chocolate Milk

A creamy, classic taste, Chocolate Milk is exactly what you’d expect.  A cold glass of milk blended with chocolatey goodness. 

Strawberry Cereal

Have you ever imagined chopping up red berry bars and then pouring them into a bowl of milk? We have! We've created our unique & delicious Strawberry Cereal or as we'd like to call it something "special".

The taste of nutty wholegrain cereal, topped with strawberries and whole milk.

A grownup cereal flavor for grownups.

Perfectly crafted and served in glass bottles in a 70% VG blend.


 Strawberry Milk

You get rich, sweet candied strawberries and an extremely creamy and realistic milk. It's like Nesqiuk. No. It's like sugared strawberries pureed into fresh cream.

Perfectly crafted and served in glass bottles in a 70% VG blend.


Captivape Pink Lemonade

An spot on pink lemonade down the fresh squeezed lemons


Captivape Fruit Punch

An exciting blend of fruits for a spot on mouth watering fruit punch.

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